12 May, 2020

Plustar Eye Shields

Plustar is proud to be able to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to help prevent the spread of infectious viruses and diseases. 

Plustar's Eye Shield is for use in conjuction with a mask / respirator.  This lightweight face / eye shield is manufactured in a clean ISO approved facility and is designed to protect the face from splashing or spraying of infectious or hazardous substances. The tested unique design means for a comfortable fit when worn for prolonged periods of time.

Specifications - 3M™ 6.9Mil Anti-Static

  • Anti-Static
  • Transparent (optically clear)
  • Non-hemolytic
  • Low Autofluorescence
  • Non-toxic to mammalian cells
  • No significant outgassing < 400 ⁰C
  • Life Cycle: One Time Use
  • Packaging: 1,000 units per case (mask sold separately)

Eyeshield with Mask  Eyeshield with Respirator

Simple Application Technique

  1. Peel Liner from the 2 adhesive strips
  2. Apply face shield to mask with adhesive facing away from you. Apply firm pressure for ultimate bond.

     Eyeshield Step 1              Eyeshield Step 2         Eyeshield Size

These eye shields are readily available and can be manufactured and shipped with just a few days.  Contact your Plustar representative today for more information or call us at 972-406-1300.