3M / R3177W (7100279688)

3M™ Repulpable Super Strength Single Coated Tape R3177, White, 18 mm x 110 m, 7 mil, 12 Roll/Case
3M™ Repulpable Strong Single Coated Tape R3177 is a high strength extensible paper coated with a high-tack, transparent repulpable adhesive. This single sided tape is ideal for splicing, tabbing and roll closing applications on a wide variety of papers.

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3M Product Number: R3177W

3M ID Number: 7100279688    3M UPC Number: 68060003164    3M Legacy Product Number: 70007557591

Additional Product Information:

Strong Backing Provides Reliable and Exceptional Performance
3M™ Repulpable Strong Single Coated Tape R3177 is a single coated repulpable tape. It features a strong, extensible, paper backing that can withstand the rigors of the paper manufacturing and converting. The backing is engineered for optimum strength for splicing, tabbing and roll closing. It offers a high shear strength, high-tack, clear, repulpable adhesive designed to bond to a wide variety of paper grades. This tape performs well at higher temperatures and is available in blue, white and red.

Recommended Applications

  • Core starting
  • Roll closing/tabbing
  • Butt splicing heavy grades of paper
  • Thread-up applications such as at the off-machine coater

High-Tack, Heat-Resistant Adhesive
3M™ Repulpable Strong Single Coated Tape R3177 features a repulpable, high-tack transparent adhesive designed to provide excellent bonding strength to a wide variety of paper products, including heavy grades of paper. This heat-resistant adhesive reduces splicing failure and performs in web applications at temperatures are high as 400°F/200°C.

Repulpable Adhesive won't Contaminate Paper Mill Broke
The repulpable adhesive on our 3M™ Repulpable Strong Single Coated Tape R3177 prevents broke contamination for non-repulpable masking tape. This product meets or exceeds TAPPI UM-213, procedure A, FDA complaint 21 CFR 176.170 and 21 CFR 176.180 for components of paper and paperboard in contact with foods.

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