3 August, 2019

Die-Cut Pieces

Do you or your employees manually cut masking tape to cover small areas before painting or coating? This operation can be very labor- intensive, imprecise, and sometimes the results are inconsistent. Die-cut pieces save time, reduce labor/cost, and provide perfect outcomes every time!

Die CutWe have experience die-cutting paper and film tapes for paint masking as well as foil and polyimide for critical high temperature applications. Contact Plustar today to schedule a no-cost evaluation to see if a die-cut tape could save your business time and money!

Other Ideas for Die-Cut Tapes Include: Plustar Die-Cut Projects Single or double-coated tapes for:

  • Name Plate Mounting
  • Gasketing
  • Indoor and Outdoor Signage
  • Film tapes for carton sealing
  • Surface protection films
  • Label Stock for Product and/or Pallet Identification

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