We're here to help

Plustar's manufacturing remains OPEN to support our customers and essential businesses helping on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We're proud of our clients who are able to serve during this time - some have pivoted their facilities to produce critical supplies like cloth masks, while others help provide essential air filtriation systems to hospitals.  Plustar has been there every step of the way to help ensure their plants keep running.

Thank you for your continued loyal support.   Securing the health and safety of our teams and yours is the best way to overcome this challenge, ensure future success, and minimize disruptions. Let's continue to be strong together.


Whether you call it converting, fabricating, manufacturing or custom tape design, we provide real solutions for complex application demands. Utilized worldwide, our techniques are backed by a thorough manufacturing process that guides customers from start to finish. And, with decades of in-house experience and state-of-the-art methods, we ensure product performance, quick turnaround times, and better ROI.

Supply & Distribution

Plustar is there when you need to get tapes fast, in the quantity you need, and from the manufacturers you trust most. Already have a particular tape, adhesive, or accessory in mind? We offer thousands of products for you to choose from.


Products that work where you do.

Tape that’s used for bonding and joining isn’t always ideal for times when you need surface protection and insulation. Just the same, you want the best product for the job when you’re looking to prevent elements like dust and water from throwing a curveball into your business plan. That’s why, no matter what your application calls for, our material flexibility, in-house capabilities, and experienced application specialists will find a solution that works exactly the way you intend.

Seam Tape & Bonding Film

Two solutions you can wear—that won’t wear out.

Plustar supplies industry leading waterproofing seam tapes that can be quickly and flawlessly integrated into your design and production lines and proven bonding solutions can open up opportunities for improved functionality and new, unique designs.

Custom Capabilities

At Plustar, we see every challenge as an opportunity to provide customized solutions. From die-cuts to lamination, printing, and an assortment of tape conversion techniques, we manufacture personalized results backed by ISO quality and certified expertise.

Partners in Manufacturing

With the quality our manufacturing partners bring, combined with our expansive distribution system and in-house converting expertise, we don’t just deliver solutions that boost your bottom line, we deliver results that are reliable for the long term.