Plustar’s Manufacturing Partners

Diversified Adhesive Tape Manufacturers

Founded in 1978, Plustar began as a distributor of pressure-sensitive tapes. Today, we are authorized convertors and distributors of nearly every major tape and adhesive manufacturer in the industry. Our broad scope of quality manufacturers and in-house converting capabilities help to ensure that our team can help you find complete tape solutions to your unique application needs. Most of our tapes can be precision slit, rewound, die-cut, printed, laminated, and more—all right here in the United States out of our Dallas, TX, facility.

3M is the Global leader and innovator of pressure senstive tapes and adhesives.  Plustar is authorized distributor and convertor of 3M Industrial Tapes & Adhesives, 3M Aerospace products, 3M Polymask protective tapes and 3M-Matic carton sealing equipment.

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Adchem is an industry leader engineering and manufacturing high performance, pressure sensitive adhesive tape systems. Adchem is an American manufacturer of double-coated tapes, transfer tapes and foam tapes.

American Biltrite provides a wide variety of specialized pressure sensitive tapes, films & protective sheeting. It manufactures these by coating substrates (paper, film, foil, nylon, glass cloth) using adhesive systems formulated with water and solvent-based materials.

From standard products like glazing tapes, transfer adhesives and electrical insulation to completely custom coating, Arlon Innovations has the right tools, personnel, and capability to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Berry Plastics offers 50+ years experience in bringing pressure sensitive tapes & adhesives to many applications & markets including Industrial, Construction, Splicing & Laminating, Surface Protection, Aerospace, Automotive, HVAC, Medical, & more!

Cantech tape products seal boxes in cold storage, help with sterilisation applications in autoclaves, bundle steel rods in metal fabrication, provide double-sided bonding in glass manufacturing. Cantech products help to protect, mask & keep things stuck together.

Combi is a leading manufacturer of automated packaging machines since 1979.  Combi designs and manufactures case erectors, tray erectors, case sealers, case packers and ergonomic hand packing stations, specifically for your packaging system application.

Fasson brand product line includes pressure-sensitive and non-adhesive papers, films and foils.  Fasson's leading-edge coating equipment, roll slitting and distribution systems ensure that quality products reach customers in the fastest possible time.

Gaska Tape is a leading innovative manufacturer of closed-cell foams and adhesive foam tapes.  Gaska designs and supplys custom foams and adhesive tape products, with modifications or enhancements developed for a wide variety of applications.

IPG manufactures a broad range of packaging products that reflect the needs of its industrial customers. These include: water-activated, carton-sealing, masking, filament, flatback, cloth/duct, double-coated, electrical, automotive, and HVAC tapes.

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Lamart is a wide web, custom coater and laminator of flexible substrates, such as films, scrims, foils, foams, fabrics, etc.  Plustar leverages Lamart's extensive knowledge of substrates, adhesives and coatings to design products to help meet customers’ specific needs.

Loxy is a leading producer of seam sealing and bonding films worldwide, pushed forward by the strength and quality of their products.  Loxy works diligently to maintain their focus on design innovation, customer oriented service and industry-leading technologies. Plustar is the exclusive North American provider of Loxy seam tapes and bonding films.

Nitto has earned a reputation as a pioneer in the field of pressure-sensitive tapes. Nitto  tapes serve a broad market: Electronics, Automobile, Aerospace, Housing & Construction, Metal Processing, Paper Industries, Alternative Energies & Appliances.

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With over 24 North American facilities and the recent acquisition of the 3M PolyMask brand, Pregis is the premier manufacturer of protective packaging products. 

As one of the oldest public companies in America, Rogers has a rich legacy of innovation and collaborative problem-solving with their ARLON, BISCO and DeWAL brands.  ARLON silicone self-fusing tapes are produced from specially formulated silicone rubber that allows them to bond only to themselves.  DeWAL is the industry leader in the manufacture of High-Performance Polymer Films and Pressure-Sensitive PTFE and UHMW Tapes.

Saint-Gobain offers a broad range of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes serving industrial & commercial users. Produced from a variety of substrates & adhesive systems, Saint-Gobain is uniquely able to produce outstanding, and sometimes proprietary products.

Scapa’s capabilities cover production of woven and non-woven tapes, cloth, foils, filmic, paper, transfer and double sided, foam and rubber based tapes, so you can be sure to find the right product for your application within our range.

Designing, developing and making pressure sensitive tapes – that’s Shurtape.  Shurtape stands for dependable quality, reliable performance and on-time delivery on each roll of paper, cloth, film, foil and specialty tapes.  

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STA’s products include a broad line of high-performance acrylic carton sealing tapes, industrial and specialty tapes, carton sealing equipment, and a full line of polypropylene and polyester overlamination products for the label market.

START International has been solving customers’ application needs since 1981. With START Tape and Label Dispensers, we are helping production lines around the world increase operator productivity.

Storopack is a specialist in the “interior cushioning” market and has complete packing lines for flowable cushioning materials (loose fill), air cushions (AIRplus®), paper padding (PAPERplus®), and foam packaging systems (FOAMplus®).

tesa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive tape solutions for numerous industries. tesa's experience in pressure-sensitive technologies has transformed many industrial applications around the world.

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