3M / 218 (7000048459)

Scotch® Fine Line Tape 218, Green, 3/4 in x 60 yd, 5.0 mil, 48 Roll/Case
Scotch® Fine Line Tape 218 is a high-performance polypropylene plastic tape that has both a low profile and high adhesion for use in painting long straight lines and sweeping curves where a crisp, sharp paint line is desired. It is often used as a layout tape for high value multi-color and custom painted graphics.

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Military Specifications (MIL-I and MIL-T)

3M Product Number: 218

3M ID Number: 7000048459    3M UPC Number: 21200063053    3M Legacy Product Number: 70006044013

Additional Product Information: Perfect Your Straight Lines and Sweeping Curves Scotch® Fine Line Tape 218 features a natural rubber pressure adhesive capable of delivering the high instant adhesion necessary for critical, large-scale paint applications. This tape has proven itself to be ideal for painting long, straight lines as well as smooth, sweeping curves. The polypropylene backing is stiffer than vinyl fine line tapes, while conforming easily around corners. Scotch® Fine Line Tape 218 features good moisture and solvent resistance. It resists heat in bake cycles that reach 250ºF/121ºC for up to 30 minutes. Recommended Applications Fine line paint masking Paint masking for specialty vehicle, automotive, rail, marine and aerospace paint jobs Paint masking for custom, two-tone and multiple color applications Layout tape for high value, multi-color and custom painted graphics Accomplish Sharp Color Separation with 3M Fine Line Tapes As a recognized pioneer and leading designer in industrial tapes, adhesives and more, 3M has developed a comprehensive lineup of fine line tapes suitable for even the most critical of paint masking applications. These tapes feature industry-leading technology in their capability to separate colors while preventing soak-in, edge-lifting and more.

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