3M / 231 (7000088515)

3M™ Paint Masking Tape 231/231A, Tan, 36 mm x 55 m, 7.6 mil, 24 Rolls/Case
3M™ Paint Masking Tape 231/231A is a premium high-performance crepe paper masking tape designed to meet aerospace needs in most painting applications, including the use of multiple bake cycles. This smooth masking tape embodies all the features that are desirable in a paint masking tape and designed specifically for the aerospace market.

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Commercial Item Description Tape (CID A-A-XXXX)
Military Specifications (MIL-I and MIL-T)

3M Product Number: 231

3M ID Number: 7000088515    3M UPC Number:     3M Legacy Product Number: GT500030207

Additional Product Information:

Image of a worker masking the exterior of an airplane cockpit
The natural rubber adhesive provides instant stick and reliable holding power that resists lifting
Aerospace-level strength and reliability
The natural rubber adhesive of this tape sticks instantly and allows fast application along with reliable holding power that resists lifting. 3M™ Paint Masking Tape 231/231A demonstrates excellent adhesive transfer resistance with clean removal that helps reduce labor and cleanup. Its smooth mini-crepe backing provides excellent surface contact and is also solvent and moisture resistant to minimize bleed-through. A special backside treatment provides a smooth unwind for easy handling and reduced waste. It is easy to tear, which aids in handling, yet strong enough to resist slivering, providing user-friendly one-piece removal.

3M™ Paint Masking Tape 231/231A is conformable for easy masking around corners, over irregular surfaces, and offers easy handling that reduces application time. As a professional grade masking tape, it has the benefit of paint flake resistance that reduces contamination and potential rework, resulting in a professional paint job. This tape can be certified to ASTM D-6123 (replaces obsolete PPP-T-42C, Type I, (CID-A-A-883B)).

The crepe paper backing tears easily, offers moderate conformability, and lifts off cleanly. The natural rubber adhesive bonds well to paper, metal, wood and painted surfaces with reliable holding power that resists lifting and curling. Under normal operating conditions, the tape features one-piece removal and is sliver resistant.

Recommended Applications
  • Large scale paint operations in the aerospace industry
  • High temperature paint bake operations
  • Paint masking for aircraft painting

What is masking tape?
Masking tape was developed specifically to help protect surrounding surfaces from overspray, provide clean paint lines, and remove easily and cleanly when finished. Masking tapes from 3M adhere well, resist solvents or water from the paint, and are strong enough to hang plastic sheeting, yet remove cleanly without damaging the subsurface. The backing, typically crepe paper, can conform to curved and irregular surfaces. The tape hand tears for tool-free application.

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