3M / 335 (7010045164)

3M™ Polyester Protective Tape 335, Pink, 1/2 in x 144 yd, 1.6 mil, 18 rolls per case
3M™ Polyester Protective Tape 335 is a thin, pink colored, polyester film tape with a low tack rubber adhesive. It is designed to protect polished metal and plastic surfaces during production, packing, shipping and installation with minimal adhesion build-up and clean removal.

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3M Product Number: 335

3M ID Number: 7010045164    3M UPC Number: 21200393327    3M Legacy Product Number: 70006241320

Additional Product Information:

Thin, Visible Surface Protection
3M™ Polyester Protective Tape 335 is a 1.5 mil, polyester film tape designed to protect finished surfaces from light abrasion, nicks and scratches. The pink colored tape provides a clear and definitive identification of the protective area, while also providing visibility for application or removal. This tape offers excellent heat, abrasion, tear, scratch, impact and puncture resistance. It can withstand extended exposure to temperatures up to 150°F/66°C, and short term (30 minutes or less) exposure up to 250°F/121°C.

Recommended Applications

  • Protection from fumes and splash during plating processes on the upper portion of printed wiring boards
  • Protection of polished stainless steel and aluminum in fabrication, shipping and storage
  • Protection of nameplates and instrument panels during shipping and installation
  • Protection of finished, non-metallic surfaces
  • Protection of non-image side of inner layers of multi-layer printed wiring boards

Low-Tack Adhesion with Minimal Build-Up
3M™ Polyester Protective Tape 335 features a low tack, clear, rubber adhesive that adheres to a wide variety of surfaces, including polished metal and plastic surfaces. This adhesive features minimum adhesion build-up and removes easily and cleanly, even when used on large surfaces. It won't mar or leave sticky residue behind, making it ideal for finished surfaces. Extended exposure to direct sunlight, high stacking pressures and extended application to copper bearing surfaces may increase adhesion levels.

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