3M / 4224NF (7010367634)

3M™ Fastbond™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesive 4224NF, Blue, 55 Gallon Open Head Lined Drum (52 Gallon Net)
3M™ Fastbond™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesive 422NF Blue is a low-odor, water-based, adhesive designed to have a permanently sticky, reliable bond with high coverage and a long bonding range. This classic adhesive allows for quick installation of a wide range of commonplace flooring, including vinyl flooring and various flooring tiles.

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3M Product Number: 4224NF

3M ID Number: 7010367634    3M UPC Number:     3M Legacy Product Number: 62422495358

Additional Product Information:

Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable
We designed 3M™ Fastbond™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesive 422NF Blue to create a reliable bond for your flooring application, large or small. As a heat resistant adhesive, it is non-flammable in the wet state. When placed alongside commonplace solvents, this adhesive has a comparatively low odor.

Recommended Applications

  • Bonding flooring materials
  • Carpet tile installation

A Low-Odor Alternative for Flooring
It is ideal for sensitive environments, such as schools, hospitals and office buildings, carpet and vinyl floor tiles are an economical and convenient flooring option for areas with high foot traffic. When it comes to installing single or multiple tiles, 3M™ Fastbond™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesive 4224NF Blue provides a solid bond with excellent water, UV and plasticizer resistance. Users can also choose their preferred method of application – roll, spray, trowel or brush – to meet their needs.

Applying Your Adhesive
Whether it is being sprayed, brushed or rolled on, the application of your 3M™ adhesive is a straightforward process. Start by carefully applying your adhesive to your surface until you’ve formed a uniform coat. Using an overlapping pattern, the application of one coat should prove sufficient for most surfaces. Effective adhesive coverage is accomplished when 80% or more of the surface is covered. Some substrates, including porous materials, may require an additional coat. In order to apply additional adhesive, simply wait until the existing adhesive becomes dry to the touch, and then proceed with the application of the additional coat.