3M / 4475 (7000046573)

3M™ Industrial Plastic Adhesive 4475, Clear, 1 Quart, 12 Can/Case
3M™ Industrial Plastic Adhesive 4475 dries quickly and has an open bonding time of less than 10 minutes, depending on conditions. Its assembled bonds are proven to be strong. Additionally, it bonds well to plastics, providing long-term adhesion as well as good resistance to cleaning products.

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3M Product Number: 4475

3M ID Number: 7000046573    3M UPC Number: 21200212215    3M Legacy Product Number: 62447565300;70007534285

Additional Product Information: Ideal for Plastic 3M™ Industrial Plastic Adhesive 4475 bonds to a variety of substrates – primarily plastic – for a strong, enduring bond. Recommended Applications • Bonding most plastics (not recommended for polyolefin plastic bonding) • Repairing plastic parts in large and small assemblies • Bonds to glass and metal substrates like stainless steel and aluminum • General industrial and MRO applications Speed Up the Bonding Process With 3M™ Industrial Plastic Adhesive 4475 you can quickly meet the requirements of your bonding application. This fast drying adhesive forms a durable bond at room temperature. Applying Your Adhesive Apply adhesive to one or both surfaces and bond immediately using firm pressure. For best results, apply 3M™ Industrial Plastic Adhesive 4475 to both surfaces. Allow to dry a minimum of 24 hours for maximum strength.