3M / 4737T (7000048629)

Scotch® High Temperature Fine Line Tape 4737T, Translucent Blue, 1/2 in x 36 yd, 5.4 mil, 72 Roll/Case
Scotch® High Temperature Fine Line Tape 4737TL is a conformable tape used to achieve sharp paint lines and color separation for curves and straight lines. It has proven successful in high-temperature painting applications requiring a conformable tape.

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3M Product Number: 4737T

3M ID Number: 7000048629    3M UPC Number: 21200713538    3M Legacy Product Number: 70006171097

Additional Product Information: A Conformable Tape for Sharp Paint Lines Scotch® High Temperature Fine Line Tape 4737TL features a natural rubber, pressure sensitive adhesive that holds reliably to surface contours. Its smooth, vinyl backing provides conformability for working with complex shapes and curved surfaces. Due to its specially developed backing, this tape resists lifting around corners or in depressed areas. This tape removes cleanly after bake cycles with temperatures reaching 300ºF/149ºC for 30 minutes. Recommended Applications Industrial paint masking for specialty vehicle, automotive, rail, marine and aerospace paint jobs Paint masking for automotive fascia Paint masking for high temperature paint processes Paint masking for custom, two-tone and multiple color applications Holds Up Under Heat Strain and Removes Cleanly Scotch® High Temperature Fine Line Tape 4737TL features a heat resistant vinyl backing for easy one piece removal to help save production time. The combined vinyl backing and rubber adhesive functions with modern, high temperature bake cycles up to 300ºF (149ºC) for 30 minutes to hold strong and remove cleanly with minimal adhesive residue. It is designed for indoor use only and should not be subjected to outdoor exposure. Accomplish Sharp Color Separation with 3M Conformable and Fine Line Tapes As a recognized pioneer and leading designer in industrial tapes, adhesives and more, 3M has developed a collection of conformable and fine line tapes suitable for the most critical paint masking applications. These tapes feature industry-leading technology in their capability to provide sharp paint lines and separate colors while preventing paint bleed and edge-lifting.

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