3M / 5423 (7010372667)

3M™ UHMW-PE Film Tape 5423 is a thick, general-purpose polyethylene tape made for high-impact, abrasion, and sliding applications. Its UPMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) thermoplastic backing enables its low-friction and resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and vibration in demanding situations. The exceptional hardness and slick surface is ideal for maintaining a gliding, 'slip-plane' effect and reducing noises like squeaks and rattles. Furthering its workability, 3M™ UHMW-PE Film Tape 5423 is mounted on a liner, allowing the user to die-cut shapes to exact specifications. Between its low-friction coefficient, built-in liner, and long-lasting protection, this slick-surfaced tape excels in the aerospace, automotive, printing, and MRO industries.

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