3M / 588 (7000001105)

3M™ Thermal Bonding Film 588, 1 in x 60 yds, 40/Case, Bulk
3M™ Thermal Bonding Film 588 is a high strength, flexible, nitrile phenolic-based thermosetting adhesive film. It can be heat or solvent activated for bonding. It can also be lightly crosslinked using a post heat exposure.

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3M Product Number: 588

3M ID Number: 7000001105    3M UPC Number: 21200034527    3M Legacy Product Number: 70002512138

Additional Product Information: 3M™ Thermal Bonding Film 588 is a thicker version of the 3M™ Thermal Bonding Film 583. This hot melt film adhesive can be used for splicing of glass fabric during PCB board manufacturing. Can be solvent activated in the uncured form and is a heat curing film. Standard Lead Time: 30 Calendar Days