3M / 606NF (7000144621)

3M™ Weatherban™ Acrylic Sealant 606NF, White, 295 mL Cartridge, 12/Case
3M™ Weatherban™ Acrylic Sealant 606NF is an excellent, synthetic, multi-purpose, water-dispersed sealant ideal for many interior and exterior sealing applications. This product can be applied with most conventional caulking guns or pressurized flow equipment and seals many metal, wood, painted and primed surfaces, and certain abraded plastics.

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3M Product Number: 606NF

3M ID Number: 7000144621    3M UPC Number: 21200215377    3M Legacy Product Number: 62558252300

Additional Product Information:

Easy Handling with a Spreadable Consistency
3M™ Weatherban™ Acrylic Sealant 606NF is a bright white, premium quality, water-based paintable sealant. This product dries to provide a flexible, rubber-like, weather resistant seal. It will adhere to many painted or primed surfaces including wood and certain abraded plastics. This sealant handles easily during application and our non-stringing formula allows for a clean cut-off of beads. It won't sag out of vertical seams when applied and has a spreadable consistency. When wet, this sealant is non-flammable and can be used as a weld-through using conventional welding equipment. It will not attract dust or dirt.

Recommended Applications

  • Multi-purpose interior and exterior sealing
  • Can be used as a weld-through sealer using conventional spot welding equipment

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