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Scotch® Bag Sealer P400, 1/2 in, 6/Case
The Scotch® Bag Sealer P400 as a compact, tabletop unit that seals most film bags quickly and efficiently using pressure sensitive tape to form an adhesive-to-adhesive flag seal. After the bag is sealed, a trimmer slices through excess bag length for neat, professional results. This useful device can be mounted for stationary use or be fitted with a weighted base, sold separately, for portability.

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3M Product Number: 7880288256

3M ID Number: 7000005395    3M UPC Number: 21200140372    3M Legacy Product Number: 78802882569

Additional Product Information:

Flag Your Bag – Fast and Easy Bag Sealing
We designed the Scotch® P400 Bag Sealer to provide fast, tight sealing of most film type bags. In one follow through movement, a single strip of pressure-sensitive tape circles the neck of the bag to form a "flag-type" seal. Sealing your bags with pressure sensitive tape using the P400 is an efficient and effective way to secure the contents against pre-mature bag opening, damage and loss. The neat, secure seal also helps reveal evidence of tampering or pilferage and increases the safety of bag contents.

We also incorporated a bag trimmer into the sealer that slices away excess material from the neck of the bag. The trimmer can easily be removed if trimming the top of the bag is not required.

The P400 can dispense most Scotch® brand pressure-sensitive tapes, ranging from 3/8"/9mm to 1/2"/12mm wide and up to 9" in diameter on a 3" core. This bag sealer can dispense a length of tape around the neck of the bag, from 2.5" to 3". We also built in a drum brake to prevent over-travel of the tape roll during use, preventing tape waste and downtime. The brake is easily adjustable by tightening or loosening the nut on the tape drum shaft to give you the right amount of tension for smooth performance.

The Scotch® P400 Bag Sealer works best when secured on a flat surface, using the three-point mounting screws included with the product or, alternatively, with the use of an alternate weight attachment base. The weighted base kit can be ordered separately and installed on the sealer to make the P400 portable and allow you to bring it wherever needed, either onsite or off. The P400 has a unique dual bag size capacity that seals bags with a neck diameter of 1/4" or 3/8". Simply rotate the cavity wheel and the desired cavity diameter is exposed.

Text HereHow it Works
When the twisted stem of the bag neck is inserted down into the proper wheel cavity, pressure sensitive tape is simultaneously drawn tightly around the neck to permanently seal the bag. Tape is pulled from the roll at a 90 degree angle for smooth, even removal and application around the bag, resulting in a precisely applied strip of tape that assures end-users with a professionally secured film bag. A quick, snapping upward motion along the path then cuts the tape and also cuts the excess bag material. If trimming the unused portion of the bag is not desired, the bag trimmer can be easily removed. The bag trimmer blade is a double-edge design. When trimmer performance drops off, a simple rotation of the blade to the unused side will restore clean, quick trimming with minimal down-time.