3M / 855 (7000123318)

3M™ High Temperature Nylon Film Tape 855, White, 3/4 in x 72 yd, 3.6 mil, 48 rolls per case
3M™ High Temperature Nylon Film Tape 855 is designed for high-temperature applications. The 3.2 mil thick tape features a non-silicone rubber adhesive on a tough nylon backing that applies easily, removes cleanly and withstands short temperature bake cycles of 400°F/204°C without leaving residue. This makes for faster anchorage during subsequent painting and bonding vs. silicone-based adhesives.

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3M Product Number: 855

3M ID Number: 7000123318    3M UPC Number: 21200133183    3M Legacy Product Number: 70006050622

Additional Product Information:

High Temperature Performance without Silicone Adhesive Residue
Engineered specifically for high temperature applications in masking and composite bagging and bonding, 3M™ High Temperature Nylon Tape 855 is a nylon film tape with a non-silicone rubber adhesive. We designed this 3.2 mil thick film tape to maintain adhesion and remove cleanly after exposure to 350°F (177°C) for several hours, and following shorter exposure to bake cycles up to 400°F (204°C). The rubber adhesive eliminates the residue that silicone adhesives can leave behind, causing longer cleanup times and often interfering with subsequent anchorage of certain adhesives and paints. The nylon backing adds toughness and high elongation, making for effective masking and for quick, efficient removal.

Recommended Applications

  • Advanced composite and metal bond masking
  • Composite bagging operations
  • Helps remove flashing after composite bonding

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