3M / SJ3419FR (7000125992)

3M™ Flame Resistant Hook Fastener SJ3419FR, White, 1 in x 50 yd, 12 Roll/Case
3M™ Flame Resistant Hook Fastener SJ3419FR is one part of a two-part fastener solution designed to provide great durability for thousands of closures. The flame resistant, non-adhesive fastener is most commonly sewn, but can be attached with a variety of hot melt or liquid adhesives. This fastener allows for easy and convenient attachment to a variety of substrates.

Price Per Roll

Flame Retardant Tapes FAR 25.853(a)/25.855(d)

3M Product Number: SJ3419FR

3M ID Number: 7000125992    3M UPC Number: 21200629532    3M Legacy Product Number: 70070100675

Additional Product Information:

Delivers Durability
3M™ Flame Resistant Hook Fastener SJ3419FR is our flame resistant fastener with no adhesive or liner. It is an attachment alternative to a wide variety of closures, including zippers, screws, snaps, hooks and more. This fastener is covered with flexible J-shaped hooks, about 300 hooks per square inch (46 hooks/square cm.), which protrude up from a woven backing. This fastener should be paired with 3M™ Flame Resistant Loop Fastener SJ3418FR. To ensure stability and flatness, both the hook and the corresponding loop are preshrunk.

Recommended Applications

  • Securing fabric to furniture cushions
  • Aerospace and rail industries
  • Indoor general industrial applications where fire ratings are required

No Adhesive or Liner for Easy Customization
The backing of 3M™ Flame Resistant Hook Fastener SJ3419FR is free of adhesive or liner, allowing for easy customization. The fastener is most commonly attached by sewing, but can also be applied using hot melt or liquid adhesives (temperature and flame resistance may change based on adhesive used). It provides a tailored appearance for fabrics and garments and is both washable and dry cleanable.

Secure, Repeated Closures
3M™ Hook and Loop Fasteners offer great design flexibility, fast product assembly, smooth and clean exterior surfaces and excellent product performance in many applications. 3M Hook and Loop Fasteners consist of hooks and loops which engage to form a quick fastening attachment. To disengage the attachment, simply pull the strips apart by hand.

Bringing it All Together
3M™ Hook and Loop Fasteners provide the strong, tough attachment solutions you need. Simply press together and the tiny, stiff hooks mesh with pliable loops to create a quick, secure fastening system. Backed with a variety of 3M adhesive technologies, you can easily meet application demands that require thousands of easy opening and closings. 

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