3M / 5430 (7000001209)

3M™ Squeak Reduction Tape 5430, Transparent, 23 1/2 in x 36 yd, 7.4 mil, 1 roll per case
3M™ Squeak Reduction Tape 5430 is a transparent UHMW polyethylene film tape with an acrylic adhesive. It is commonly used to control squeaks and rattles due to vibration or wear of metal and plastic parts.

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3M Product Number: 5430

3M ID Number: 7000001209    3M UPC Number: 21200735837    3M Legacy Product Number: 70006197639

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Helping Make Life a bit More Peaceful
3M™ Squeak Reduction Tape 5430 is often used in the automotive industry to help control squeaks and rattles due to vibration or wear of metal and plastic materials. This UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) film tape provides good chemical resistance and excellent abrasion resistance that helps ensure a long wear life. 3M™ Squeak Reduction Tape 5430 is mounted on a liner, making it easy to die-cut to meet the demands of specific applications. It is ideal for applications requiring a low coefficient of friction and the movement of parts and/or materials.

Recommended Applications
  • Noise reduction on automotive instrument panels and interiors
  • Noise reduction between rim fascia and painted metal
  • Noise reduction on doors
  • Help protect plastic and metal chutes, guide rails and containers from wear
  • Industrial sliding or wear applications

The Science Behind Our Tape
The effectiveness of 3M™ Squeak Reduction Tape 5430 lies in its Ultra-High Molecular Weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) backing. UHMW-PE is a thermoplastic that has a unique combination of properties, such as exceptional hardness and low surface energy. The ultra-high molecular weight of this tape significantly reduces friction to create an effective solution for anti-stick and easy-release requirements. The abrasion resistance of UHMW-PE is greater than PTFE and increases as the molecular weight increases.

The extraordinary durability and versatility of UHMW-PE is used by designers and engineers in many industries worldwide. UHMW-PE based products offer a host of exceptional attributes that include high abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction and one of the highest impact strength ratings of any thermoplastic. These attributes make them ideal for tough impact wear or sliding applications. The low coefficient of friction characteristic is surpassed only by PTFE; however, UHMW-PE tape has superior abrasion resistance. Our exceptional science and engineering of products provide long-lasting performance and successful solutions.

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