3M / H38 (7100064228)

Scotch® Stretchable Tape Dispenser H38, 36 mm, 6/Case
Scotch® Stretchable Tape Dispenser H38 is designed to dispense Scotch® Stretchable Tape 8884 and 8886 tapes. This hand-held dispenser fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and will accommodate tapes up to 1-1/2" (36 mm) wide. The dispenser controls the tension with a squeeze of the hand brake to hold and stretch the tape for tighter box reinforcement, bundling, and palletizing applications.

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3M Product Number: H38

3M ID Number: 7100064228    3M UPC Number: 21200732171    3M Legacy Product Number: 78809548932

Additional Product Information:

Scotch® Stretchable Tape Dispenser H38 is a hand-held dispenser constructed of high-impact, gray plastic for durability and long life performance. It is built with a sharp, steel blade that cuts tapes cleanly and quickly. Our hand-held dispenser can fulfill a wide range of box sealing, carton sealing, combining, reinforcing and bundling needs in industries such as food and beverage, general industrial, woodworking, shipping, transportation, apparel, clothing, paper, print, e-commerce, retail, and distribution.

A Scotch® Manual Box Sealing Tape Dispenser is an essential tool wherever products are processed, repackaged, or prepared for distribution. Consumer goods, electronics, food and beverage, general industrial, medical, MRO, paper, print, warehouses, industrial plants, e-commerce shipping operations, and retail distribution outlets are some of the places these useful taping tools are found. In addition to box sealing, they are also useful for combining, reinforcing, bundling, and other operations. A hand-held box sealer can be found in a weight and size for nearly every production requirement.